Thursday, February 27, 2003

We went out to lunch together today, after a very long time. Despite the proximity of our places of wor(k)ship, meeting for lunch is almost impossible. As always we resolve that we should meet for lunch atleast once a week. As always I hope to myself that we would be able to keep this promise to ourselves.
The conversation on the way back was on the well trodden lines of frustrations with our 9 to 5 challenges or lack thereof. Today however there was some fresh perspective. Why is it so impossible to think 'I'm ok, you're ok' (as the title of the well known book goes)?
Envy? Jealousy? Pride? Insecurity with the secrecy of one's own truth is another one I would add to that list. I often complain, but I also know that often it isn't as honest as it should be. Inside me I know the full truth and know my frustrations are sometimes because I haven't applied my mind to solving a problem...shame on me for trying to blame it on others everytime!

I don't mind having a little bit of these feelings every now and then, but I guess whats harder is to not let others see it. To be 'i'm ok, you're ok' I means you're cool and you're cool letting others be too. Some challenge!

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I finally managed to wake up early to catch my bus this morning. We had some rain last night so this morning the earth looked fresh and clean. I always love walking outside after the rain, sniffing the scents in the air. There was a tinge of eucalyptus fragrance in it today. The barks of the cherry blossom trees next door were a deep dark maroon, the pale pink blossoms covering the branches contrasted so beautifully. The apple trees at the orchard across us hadn't yet started to put out their blooms.But they will soon I expect. The sun is starting to come out. Should be a beautiful day.