Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Spring is here!

The sun shines bright and there's a mild breeze at the middle of the day. The apple trees at the orchard across our apartments are in full bloom and even the first tender leaves have begun to show. Spring time always reminds me of little babies who, every time you see them perched in their parents' arms seem to have changed a bit..grown a bit more...spring's like that..unless you keep watching you'll miss the beauty of the growing and then all of a sudden its summer again and there are no flowers anywhere except in the flower beds.

The hills are a bright green too, from all the grass that grows in this mild weather. Just the other day I noticed the hills and couldn't take my eyes off them to pay attention to what was being said in the meeting I was in. A storm had been predicted and we'd had some rain. It was one of those intermittent moments in the early dusk, when the storm clouds haven't completely dispersed yet; however they had done so enough to let some of the pale sunshine through, falling in long beams against the green of the hills. I gazed on in stunned amazement.