Friday, May 02, 2003

why do i feel that everyone in the blog universe is either talking poly-ticks or is a teenager, going to school, keeping a daily lament journal (or lament blog)?

except me that is. there's more useful questions to be pondered about in the universe than that.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

I think pissed off indexes come in waves. Thats that.

At times you're just annoyed by anything and everything that comes your way, and at times, nothing could ever be a spoiler...dig? not even the high priestess herself..teee heee...

My hair feels nice today, maybe thats why i am in a good mood...its nice and well shampooed. And the poisson perfume helps elevate my mood too ;-)

Reminds me of my old physics master...he was just the opposite though. Normally he'd have his hair well oiled and plastered back on his head..and during those days he'd be the absolute sweetheart he always was (especially to the girls). He'd always be smiling and have questions for some of his 'favourites'. But beware of the days when he'd shampoo his hair. You knew he was in a bad mood then. It occured very rarely and I can't connect the reason between his bad moods and his shampooed hair..but that was exactly it. He'd come into class, ask a lot of questions and snap at a lot of people. Very unlike his normal self. Then the next day you'd see him with this cheesy smile and oily hair and know things were back to normal.

fond memories :-)